• Spice Ninja Master Pack (Certain Flavors in this pack are Sold Out)

Spice Ninja Master Pack (Certain Flavors in this pack are Sold Out)

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Kick up your meals with our Spice Ninja Master Pack, the only spice blends you will ever need. We've mastered these blends so that you don't have to and our Master Pack includes all four of our diverse blends guaranteed to have you salivating over every meal. 

 - The holy grail of Mexican seasonings. This flavor is as authentic as it gets as it incorporates my Mexican family recipes handed down to me from my kick ass culinary gifted grandma. This blend embodies the essence of Mexican cuisine with a deep robust flavor that only years of experienced cooking can create. As is the case with all my seasonings. This blend wasn't approved until grandma personally gave it the go ahead. Add it to any dish and get a taste of Mexico with every shake.

Ingredients: Garlic, Onions, Coriander, Cumin,  Mexican Oregano, Ancho Chili, Malabar Black Pepper, Sea Salt


Lemon Ginger
 - We wouldn't be Spice Ninjas if we didn't honor our name, so we take great pride in our Asian Influenced flavor Lemon Ginger. Ginger is a classic Asian ingredient used for both its health benefits and its strong flavor. We used it to its full potential by pairing it with freshly ground lemon peel that will turn your bland food in to a legendary dish. Bring honor to your meals and shower them in all of our Lemon Ginger glory.

Ingredients: Garlic, Onions, Coriander Powder, Basil Leaves, Ground Lemon Peel, Peruvian Ginger, Malabar Black Pepper, Sea Salt


 - Our Spicy Blend is guaranteed to deliver that special kick that all you chili lovers look for in all of your meals. This mix of Cayenne peppers, Aji chili and Hungarian paprika will turn the heat up to any dish without taking it over the top. This blend also has a unique skill-set in that it can be mixed with all my other seasonings to take your taste buds on the most epic trip of their lives.

Ingredients: Garlic, Onions, Coriander Powder, Basil Leaves, Cayenne Pepper, Aji Chili, Hungarian Paprika, Malabar Black Pepper, Sea salt 


 - The Spice Ninja Sensei of our spice line. This is the Original Flavor, a BBQ inspired blend with a hint of smokiness that adds depth of flavor to any dish. In fact, It adds so much depth that you might just drown in it. Try it on beef, pork, poultry, fish, add it to unicorns if you can find one. It will absolutely blow you away.

Ingredients: Garlic, Onions, Hot Smoked Paprika, Thyme, Coriander, Sage, Malabar Black Pepper, Sea Salt

Type: Spice Blend    
Vendor: Spice Ninja

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