Origin Story


Hello everyone,

     My name is Michael Scott (@Yetitube), I am the creator of Spice Ninja and at one point in my life I weighed over 350lbs. Unfortunately, I made a habit of frequently eating really unhealthy food, but it tasted amazing so I didnt care how bad it was for me and I gained a lot of weight because of it. One day I decided enough was enough, so I committed to incorporating exercise and healthy meals in to my life but I ran in to a problem immediately. That problem was that healthy food, in comparison to what i was used to eating, was disgusting. However, I was determined to lose the weight so I suffered through horrid meal after horrid meal until I managed to successful lose over 100lbs.

     Once I reached my goal I was foolish in thinking that I was finished, but of course thats not the case. I had gone back to eating the same meals as before I would've gained all my weight back. So I thought to myself, man is this how I have to live my life? Just one flavorless meal after the next? So me and my friend got together and thought there has to be a better way than killing yourself over trying to make your healthy food taste great. Not just good, but phenomenal. We all have that pantry or cupboard full spices we never use or even know how to incorporate them. That is when the idea for Spice Ninja was created.

     My goal is to simplify cooking by giving you access to ready made spice blends that you can use on any meal so you will look forward to your dish instead of wishing you were eating something else. So all we had to do was create some legendary spice blends. Not a problem, I knew exactly what had to be done, I would pull influence from that of my culture. My family, like most Latino families, has a long history of amazing cooks and secret recipes for any meal from goat to lobster. You can go to school and learn from all kinds of chefs, but when it comes to cooking nothing teaches like experience. I knew if i could harness that experience I could create something astounding. So that exactly what I did. Each and every spice blend we have or will ever create will not go into production until everyone in my family specifically my grandmothers. I knew if my grandmothers approved of my spice blends then people would fall in love with them. I created spice blend after spice blend until each and every blend was approved and at the moment. Spice Ninja Seasonings was born.

     When I say we've mastered this blend so that you dont have to. We really have. Each of our blend speaks for years and years of culinary experience and they truly are the only spices you will ever need.


         - Michael Scott (Spice Ninja Founder)